The Yaya Han Comic Book is here!

The Yaya Han Comic Book is here!

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My comic book is here!!! I added it to my store!! AAAH!

My excitement can not be contained! So many of you have been asking about it, and I can finally share it with you!! 

Grab your copy here!

Yes, I will sign each book! 
Don't the sample pages look fun?? My BFF Crane looks hilarious in that costume! We go to NYCC! We try to figure out what my superpowers are! Gah, I love it!

This series has been an amazing team up with Lion Forge! Written by Joelle Sellner, with artwork by Francesco Gerbino! I feel so blessed to have been a part of this project, and got to help out a bit with the outline and development of the character, not to mention design and make the superhero costume!

It's a really interesting process to create a comic book character based on yourself! We wanted "Yaya" to look like me and have interests and aspirations like me IRL, but comic Yaya goes through a much different journey for various reasons. 
For one, she gets superpowers, and that changes someone's life quite a bit!
And, while I got into cosplay many years ago when the con scene was very small, comic Yaya is starting out, as a newbie, in the current con scene, trying to find a way to fit in! We put my own insecurities and fears into the character, as I also struggled to fit in, as well as figuring out what I wanted to do for a living.
Oh, and comic Yaya's BFF Crane is pretty cool and I wish he was my real BFF!!

So here you have it! A little taste of me in comic book form, and the chance to grab a copy and follow the story for yourself! I really hope you guys will like it!!!!

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